Fall in Love with a Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Fall in Love with a Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring


The focal point of a pear shaped engagement ring marries the brilliance of a round cut with the symbolic curves of the marquise cut. The point up position will look like a perfectly formed tear when gazed upon, which is why this shape is also termed as the "teardrop cut". Worn with the tapered end pointing towards the end of the finger, the stone creates a slimming appearance for the finger and elongating effect on the hand.

The pear shape began its journey in the 1400s when Lodewyk van Berquem created the diamond polishing wheel. Berquem discovered that symmetrical and polished facets optimized a diamond's light reflecting properties. The first pear shape was known as the "Briolette", or "Pendeloque" cut. The most notable transformation occurred soon after the debut of the round brilliant cut in the early 1900s. The pear shape adopted the 58 facets that would create brilliance in this uniquely shaped stone, 500 years in the making.

Celebrities with Notable Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

  • Katherine Heigl - 3ct pear-shaped halo engagement ring
  • Avril Lavigne - Three-stone setting highlighting a 14ct pear-shaped diamond
  • Victoria Beckham - approximately 15-17ct fiery white pear-shaped solitaire
  • Anna Kournikova - 11ct Argyle Pink Pear flanked by two trillion cut white diamonds

Famous Pear Shaped Diamonds

Two of the world's largest diamonds are pear-shaped. The Cullinan I, is also known as the Star of Africa. It is a pear shaped diamond weighing 530.20 carats and has 76 facets. It’s called the Cullinan I because it is the largest of the 9 large stones that were cut from the 3,106 carat Cullinan Diamond.


530.2ct Pear Shaped Star of Africa Diamond


The Millennium Star is internally and externally flawless pear-shaped diamond. With the weight of 203.04 carats, it is the 10th largest diamond in the world and the world’s second largest known Grade D Colorless. The Millennium Star is the largest piece cut from a rough stone of 777 carats.


203.04ct Pear Shaped Millennium Star diamond


The 69.42ct pear shaped, the "Taylor-Burton Diamond" that Richard Burton bought for Elizabeth Taylor. On October 23,1969 Robert Kenmore, the Chairman of the Board of Kenmore Corporation, which owned the Cartier jewelry firm won the diamond with a final bid at auction of $1.05 million. Less than 24 hours later, a very determined Burton acquired the "Taylor-Burton Diamond" from Kenmore and Cartier, Inc. for an estimated $1.5 million.


Elizabeth Taylor <Misc.>


A pear shaped engagement ring is a perfect balance of soft curves and acute points in with exquisite facet work and marked brilliance. This stunning diamond cut will dazzle in three-stone settings or accented by side or diamonds. This stone is also bold enough to stand on its own in a solitaire. A pear shaped diamond ring from Mark Broumand will be as unique as the special lady that wears one.