A cushion cut diamond engagement ring by Mark Broumand on woman's hand.

Custom and Unique Ring Designs: Crafting a One-of-a-Kind Symbol of Love

Today’s wedding and engagement ring market boasts rings of nearly every cut, metal, and style. Even so, after months of searching, you may still not have found the perfect ring to encapsulate your story. Don’t settle for an imperfect ring. You deserve an engagement ring or wedding band that truly embodies the most special qualities of your and your partner’s love story.

If it’s time for you to explore custom symbols of love, turn to Mark Broumand. We offer a comprehensive design gallery that allows you to create the ring of your dreams for your partner. You can work with our staff to learn more about the customization process today.

Custom Rings Uniquely Encapsulate Your Love

The range of rings available on the market today can overwhelm even the most knowledgeable shoppers. Some of the most common engagement and wedding rings to make their way onto a couple’s hands include the following:

Even with all of these options at your disposal, you may still find that you’re not satisfied with your choice of rings. This is where the option to customize a wedding or engagement ring comes into play. 

Nothing says “I love you” like an entirely unique ring. When you can integrate elements like a loved one’s birthstone or one-of-a-kind setting, you ensure that your ring of choice truly encapsulates your and your partner’s love story.

How to Create a Custom Engagement or Wedding Ring

It’s difficult to understate the impression a custom-designed diamond engagement or wedding ring can have on your partner. How can you begin the customization process, though? If you’re working with Mark Broumand, you can take the following steps:

Find Your Inspiration

Before you can give the perfect custom ring to your partner, you need to create it. This process starts with inspiration. What elements do you want to integrate into your custom ring? It’s up to you to decide what the ring’s cut, arrangement, and band all look like. Fortunately, Mark Broumand’s team of experienced designers can help you through this process.

We can prompt you with questions about the size of the ring and your desired stone settings. Our customization form even allows you to submit images or webpage links, should you have a specific source of inspiration in mind. We encourage you to explore platforms like Pinterest to begin ideating the ring of your dreams.

You can also visit Mark Broumand’s special orders gallery for examples of customization work our team has done in the past.

Make sure you have a conversation about what your partner wants out of a ring, too. If you work together, you can more effectively create a ring that accurately represents your one-of-a-kind relationship.

Work With Our Team to Render Your Ideal Ring

Mark Broumand guarantees a response to customization requests within one business day of you submitting your request form. That response time allows us to quickly set up a customization call or email chain. From there, we can discuss the price and delivery date.

You can count on us to render your ideal ring long before we deliver you the final product. Our renders allow us to adjust your desired design easily throughout the creative process. Once you approve the final look of a ring, we can move into the ring’s creation.

Creating Your Final Product

We cast precious metal from a wax model of your desired piece to create your perfect ring. We then set the gemstones or diamonds of your preferred size and quality. Our master jewelers ensure that the final product is beautifully set and cleaned.

Once we have your final product in hand, we can confirm shipping upon the receipt of your final payment. You will receive your custom ring in an embossed box alongside the ring’s Certificate of Appraisal and any other Certifications. 

Mark Broumand Wants to Help You Celebrate Your Unique Love Story

Your love story is one of a kind. Why shouldn’t the ring representing that story be, too? If you’re tired of looking through a standard selection of wedding and engagement rings, turn to Mark Broumand. Our team can help you create a customized wedding or engagement ring that suits all of your needs.

We make it as easy as possible for you to use our Design Gallery to create the ring of your dreams. Ready to get started? Request a design or contact our representatives to learn more about the ring customization process. We’re ready to help you bring the perfect ring to your happily ever after.