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Engagement Ring Terminology: Understanding the Basics of Ring Shopping

Shopping for engagement rings is exciting as it signifies an important step in your relationship. But there are a lot of terms out there that can make this exciting shopping experience tricky to find the right fit for your love.

You can find the perfect engagement ring for your fiancée by knowing these important terms. At Mark Broumand, all of our rings are hand-crafted  and customizable, so you can tailor it to  exactly what she'll love.

What Kind of Diamond Shape Does She Want?

A diamond's shape is the first thing you should consider when shopping for rings. Many people mistake the shape to mean the cut of the diamond, but they are different. Shape refers to the outline of the stone when a bride looks at her ring from above, holding her hand out in front of her. 

We offer a variety of different shapes you can choose from. We can help you choose the perfect shape from the following options:

Choosing the Right Shape for Your Bride to Be

There are several different shapes, but how do you choose that perfect ring she'll love? While it depends on her style, you can usually choose the shape of the diamond based on her personality. If she's into colorful fashion and isn't afraid to express herself, choose a unique shaped ring.

But if she's more reserved and classic, go with a round diamond shape. If she loves elegance but can rock anything, choose the radiant shape. A princess cut says it all; she's royalty and wants to stand out. 

Pear and oval shapes are perfect if she's open to changes in her style, as both provide a happy medium between a round shape and something more unique. A marquise shape is fitting for her if she wants to stand out without too much effort. The emerald shape is for the woman with modern style who always adds a dazzling, eye-catching accessory.

If your partner likes to follow trends in fashion but doesn't care to stand out in the crowd, the cushion-cut diamond is for her. The Asscher shape is for the woman who likes to make an unforgettable impression. If she yearns for past style eras, go with an antique shape. 

The Four C's of Engagement Rings to Know

After choosing the diamond's shape, it's time to get into some of the more complicated aspects of ring shopping. These four C's will guide in picking a quality engagement ring that will impress her:


When choosing a diamond for an engagement ring, the color grading significantly determines its beauty and value. The scale begins with the coveted D grade, representing pristine colorlessness that allows the diamond to radiate unparalleled brilliance. As you venture through the alphabet, from D to Z, subtle color variations emerge. 

Grades within the D-F range are considered colorless, embodying a pure white essence that symbolizes the purity of love itself. G to J grades denote nearly colorless diamonds, captivating in their delicate hue while often offering excellent value for those seeking a balance between quality and affordability.

However, the realm of diamond color extends beyond the Z grade, opening up a world of mesmerizing possibilities. Enter the enchanting realm of "fancy color" diamonds, where rarity and allure intertwine. These exquisite gems, available in shades of yellow, blue, pink, orange, purple, or red, boast a captivating vibrancy that evokes a sense of wonder.


The clarity of a diamond is another thing you should consider when shopping for that perfect stone. Diamond clarity is how clear and flawless your diamond is. However, remember that nature creates diamonds, so impurities are quite common in most diamonds.

Finding a flawless diamond is rare but possible, but this will certainly be more expensive than one with a few blemishes. To assure the diamond's quality, gemologists view each stone under magnification to spot any impurities. 


While it might sound like a diamond's cut is related to shape, it refers to how it shines in the light due to its proportions. When diamonds emerge from the earth, they don't look too different from the next "diamond in the rough."

But after a diamond is cut, it increases in value and beauty. A properly cut diamond will have high brightness, scatter colors of the rainbow amongst the facets, and sparkle in the light. When ring shopping, you should look for something that catches your eye and then ask about these properties.

Carat Weight

The easiest characteristic to understand about engagement rings is the carat weight, it’s just the weight of the stone on your bride's hand. As for prices, the heavier the diamond and more carats, the more expensive it'll be. 

However, it's important to remember that the other three properties, color, clarity, and cut, will also determine the price.

Different Settings and Styles to Choose from

Settings can also affect the aesthetics of engagement rings. When shopping for an engagement ring, it's important to understand what the setting refers to. The setting of a ring is how the diamond or gemstone is placed and secured within the ring itself. The setting can vary in style, design, and how it showcases the center stone. We offer the following types of ring settings: 

  • Prong
  • Pavé
  • Halo
  • Channel
  • Basket
  • Bezel
  • Three-stone 

Choose the Perfect Ring for Her Today

At Mark Broumand, we can help you find the perfect ring for your girlfriend that you'll both love. We consider her lifestyle, style, and your budget and find or customize the engagement ring of her dreams.

Reach out to us today to start the exciting engagement ring shopping journey with us.