0.90ct Asscher Cut Diamond Dangle Earrings

Earrings to Accent Your Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

There are few gifts that compliment a clean and sparkling Asscher cut diamond ring better than a pair of Asscher cut diamond earrings. It may just be time for a new pair of earrings or you may be adding a pair to accent an existing anniversary band or engagement ring. Regardless of the reason, Mark Broumand has the selection of Asscher cut earrings and other jewelry to complete any set.

1.10ct Asscher Diamond Stud Earrings

1.10ct Asscher Cut Diamond Stud Earrings | Mark Broumand
If you have an appreciation of vintage jewelry from the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s, then you will love these diamond stud earrings. We selected two beautiful asscher stones weighing 0.86ct total. We then set them with a row of round diamonds prong set all the way around them. The studs are custom made with very special attention given to every detail. Wear these for any special occasion.

0.90ct Asscher Cut Dangle Earrings

0.90ct Asscher Cut Diamond Dangle Earrings | Mark Broumand
The square-shaped, 58-facet stunners are created with a series of step cuts that run parallel to the widest point of the gem. It is this style of cutting that creates a mirrored windmill effect when looking at the diamond from the top. These gorgeous asscher cuts are accented by a halo of round brilliants. They dangle from a small hoop studded with diamonds as well. They are immensely brilliant and beautiful.

0.72ct Asscher Stud Earrings

0.72ct Asscher Cut Diamond Stud Earrings | Mark Broumand
The Asscher cut highlights the inherent clarity and color of the diamond. This is why these square beauties have incredible sparkle that makes them great for stud earrings. The 0.72ct Asscher cuts are set on 14k white gold screw-back settings that showcase them wonderfully. The diamonds are very white and eye clean. These are perfect for everyday wear and easily stun on special occasions as well.

Though you will find many intriguing Asscher Cut diamond jewelry pieces, the earrings in Mark Broumand’s collection showcase the beauty of this diamond. When searching for a high quality earrings with shine and sparkle, Asscher cut diamond earrings are sure to please.