2.12ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings showcase a brilliant and uniquely square-shaped diamond with rounded sides and corners, often referred to as a "pillow shape". The shape is often described as a hybrid of a rectangle and an oval shape diamond. The old mine, or antique cushion had 58 facets while the modern cushion has 64 large facets. Though the cushion cut is widely known in famous gemstones such as the Hope Diamond (45.45 carats), Regent Diamond (140.5 carats) and Yellow Tiffany Diamond (128.54 carats), the cut is rather rare. Larger facets highlight the diamond’s clarity and the modified brilliant shape increases the stone’s brilliance.

2.68ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Originally known as the Old Mine Cut, this diamond has been around for nearly 200 years and was as popular in its time as the round brilliant is today. Due to its larger facets, the cushion cut returns light in chunkier patterns than many other modern shapes. The changes that Marcel Tolkowsky began making to the Old Mine in the 1920s amplified the inner light of the diamond. Many buyers are attracted to the scarcity of the cushion. The look of the stone combines modern day brilliance with a classic and romantic feel.

3.09ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Cushion cuts often render a more intense fire than other stones, but are less brilliant than the round cut. The cushion is also one of the preferred choices for fancy colored diamonds, since it can intensify the color. Cushion cut stones generally display one of three fundamental facet patterns which can create varied appearances. The shape of the stone can also vary between diamonds; some will have more rounded sides while others have sides that are more linear. Most will be square-shaped and other stones may be more of a rectangular shape. A cushion with larger facets will create broad flashes of fire. Smaller facets of the cut result in more precise bursts of fire often referred to as “pinfire”.

2.12ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Mark Broumand has hand selected many stunning pieces for his cushion cut ring collection. This diamond is amazing in any ring setting. This ring is ideal for a lady that desires a popular and classic style in a recognizable, yet rare cut. Much like “The One”, fiery and rare cushion cut diamond engagement rings are beautiful and scarce finds.