If you’re ready to start engagement ring shopping, let us help you find the best ring for your budget.

Engagement Ring Shopping and Buying Tips: Finding the Best Ring for Your Budget

You’ve made the decision. You’re going to propose to your partner. Now all you need is the perfect ring to represent your lifelong commitment. Unfortunately, diving into the world of engagement ring shopping unprepared can leave you thoroughly overwhelmed. How are you supposed to find your partner’s perfect ring without going over budget?

There’s hope for newcomers to the engagement ring market. You can use certain tips and tricks to stay on budget without compromising on a ring’s beauty, longevity, and quality. 

Tip 1: Simplify Your Setting

There are dozens of different ways for you to set an engagement ring’s stone. Some of the most common settings seen on today’s engagement rings include:

  • Solitare
  • Pavé
  • Three-stone
  • Halo
  • Bezel
  • Channel
  • Cluster 

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the cost of an engagement ring, you can request that a jeweler recommend simpler stone setting options. A solitaire setting, for example, helps draw an onlooker’s eye to the center stone, ensuring that onlookers can appreciate the beauty of the stone’s cut against the simple setting and band.

Tip 2: Invest in Alternative Band Metals

An engagement ring consists of more than its stone. You also have to consider the ring’s band and how it may influence the overall cost of your ring of choice. If you’re looking to reduce a ring’s cost, consider simplifying the band or investing in less traditional metals.

You should work with professionals to contrast more cost-effective band styles and metals against the stone you want to bring home to your partner. Mark Broumand’s team of experienced designers can help you ensure that your metals, band style, and stone work well together while keeping you within your budget.

Tip 3: Reduce a Diamond’s Carat Weight

Many first-time ring buyers put too much stock in a gemstone’s carat weight. While the carat of a stone does have an impact on the stone’s value, that carat weight won’t make or break an engagement ring. In many cases, you can work with jewelers to make a smaller-carat stone look larger than a stone of greater weight.

For example, round cut diamonds consistently look smaller than their oval cut counterparts, even when the two stones are of the same carat weight. You can discuss which cuts may maximize your stone’s surface area even as you cut the stone’s weight and reduce its overall cost.

Tip 4: There’s Always a Ring for Your Price Range

One common misconception when shopping for an engagement ring is that a beautiful diamond will cost more than you may have. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Our jewelry professionals can find you something that fits your budget and your aesthetic desires.

Mark Broumand has a wide range of diamonds that can fit any customer’s financial needs - from budget-friendly options that look much more expensive than their pricetag to jaw-dropping rings that will spark envy in all of your partner’s friends.

Don’t limit your options before finding out what you can afford. No matter the budget, reach out to Mark Broumand to find the perfect stone at any price range.

Tip 5: Prioritize Your and Your Loved One’s Styles

As you can see, there are several ways that you can modify a modern engagement ring to reduce its overall cost. You don’t have to use every means necessary to cut the cost of a ring, though. 

Instead, choose the features of a ring that are most important to you: the cut of a stone, for example, and the look of a setting. You can go all-in on those purchasing options while cutting costs elsewhere.

Tip 6: Consider Alternatives to Diamonds

When you think about an engagement ring, you likely think of a diamond. Diamonds are popular for a reason. They reflect the light beautifully and come in a wide range of cuts and styles. That said, you don’t have to commit to a diamond to secure a beautiful engagement ring. There are dozens of other stones that you can invest in at a lower price point.

Emeralds and sapphires can make for beautiful engagement rings when cut and set appropriately. You can work with an experienced Mark Broumand design consultant to determine what stone your partner may like best and how you can set it to reflect that person’s personal style.

What About Lab-Grown Diamonds?

If you love the look of a traditional diamond but aren’t so in love with the cost, there are options available to you. You can, for example, look into a lab-grown diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are rapidly increasing in popularity for a range of reasons, their price point being one of them. 

To the untrained eye, these lab-grown diamonds have the same reflective potential and cut value as a traditional stone. Unfortunately, they tend not to hold their value over time the way that natural diamonds do. 

You can discuss the finer differences between a diamond you like and its lab-grown alternative with a Mark Broumand design consultant before committing to your purchase.

Find the Best Ring For Your Budget With Mark Broumand

Don’t let the process of shopping for an engagement or wedding ring overwhelm you. You can find beautiful statement pieces without breaking the bank. Explore the options available to you and discuss what the ideal ring looks like with your partner. You can browse Mark Broumand’s catalog of highly-customizable rings and find the one that suits your love the best.

If you have questions about Mark Broumand’s ring customization options or want to learn more about a particular cut, band, or style, you can contact Mark Broumand’s sales team today. Reach out online and get in touch with the team that can help you find a beautiful ring that suits your budget.