A Guide to Cushion Cut Diamonds

A Guide to Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are one of the most beautiful cuts available in the market today. Popular close to a century ago, the diamond shape is once again enjoying a surge of popularity recently, and no wonder, cushions have a subtle and romantic sparkle that many find irresistible. This article will discuss some facts about the history of the cushion cut and also provide some tips on buying the perfect diamond.

History of the cushion cut diamond

The cushion enjoyed a tremendous amount of popularity throughout most of the nineteenth century and well into the early twentieth century. It was based on what is now referred to as an “old mine cut”, a diamond with 33 crown facets and 25 pavilion facets. The cushion has a similar depth, but features 64 instead of 58 facets; a square shape and rounded corners.

The charm of the cushion cut was not its fiery sparkle but rather in its glistening luster. A deep shine that shimmers much like the wind rippled surface of a lake during sunset. It’s this unique shine that gives the stone a romantic appeal.

Overtime the cushion cut as evolved to maximize both that romantic luster while adding more fire and sparkle. The result is a unique checkerboard faceting that gives modern cushion cuts a unique and remarkable brilliance.

Some of the most famous gemstones in the world were shaped into cushion cuts, the Allnat Diamond (101.29 carats) an intense yellow gem from De Beers premier diamond mine, the blue Hope Diamond (45.52 carats) and the yellow Tiffany Diamond (128.54 carats).

Tips on buying cushion cut diamonds

Due to the large open facets on a cushion, it’s a good idea to shop more for a higher diamond clarity and color than carat size. Also it’s important to note that cushions come in a variety of shapes ranging from perfectly symmetrical squares to longer rectangles and the prices range based on the symmetry of the cut with equal faceting on all sides.

As popular as the cushion cut diamond is today, it’s still difficult to find in the market. At Mark Broumand, we search out the some of the highest quality and best values available in the diamond market directly from our trusted partners from around the globe.

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