Round Brilliant Cut Eternity Wedding Ring on Rose Gold Setting, 3.9 Carats

Round, Emerald, Oval & Asscher Cut Eternity Band Engagement Rings

The eternity band is encircled by individually modest stones, rather than being dominated by a single central arrangement. It symbolizes the unity and strength of the ideal marriage, built on a foundation of love, respect, and the strength of two people facing life together. With a little help from Mark Broumand, you can design your dream eternity band. From selecting the shape of your setting, the number of prongs, the number of diamonds, the shape of your diamonds or the color of your setting, every detail can be selected at your preference. If you enjoy rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or platinum, there are an abundance of options available.

Round Brilliant Cut Eternity Wedding Ring on Rose Gold Setting, 3.9 Carats

This eye-catching round cut diamond eternity ring is beautifully set in rose-tinted gold, creating a distinctive contrast between the sparkle of each stone and the warm glow of the band itself. This beautiful ring will contribute to warm memories of that special day for years to come!

Oval Cut Engagement Ring, 5.4 Carats

Oval cut stones are a distinctive choice for the eternity style. Combining a sparkling vintage look with a modern day aesthetic, this platinum ring speaks to both beauty and purity. There is an elegance to the simplicity of its setting, offset by the way these expertly positioned stones capture and reflect each other's light.

Round Cut Engagement Band, 5.50 carats

This intricately crafted platinum engagement band is set with a series of beautifully cut round diamonds, much larger than those which would encrust a more traditional shank. The cut, however, is in itself traditional, making this ring a symbol of two eras joining together as one. A beautiful analogy for a wedding, and a reminder that some well-established traditions still have their place in the modern world.

Emerald Cut Eternity Ring, 6.30 Carats on 18k Yellow Gold Setting

Emerald cut stones fit neatly together, set within a rose gold band. This ring evokes the appearance of a series of windows, leading to the warmth of the rosy golden hue beyond. This, combined with the way the expertly set diamonds capture and refract the light of their neighboring stones, brings to mind thoughts of unity and warmth: the strength of two people, working together to build a future.

Asscher Cut Engagement Ring, 8 Carats

The asscher cut stone is a fun shape to work with. This shows through in the way this platinum set wedding ring emphasizes an almost lighthearted and genial quality, without detracting at all from the beauty or the importance of what the ring symbolizes. With a total of eight carats in diamonds, this impressive ring showcases its craftsmanship with an elegant sparkle

Emerald Cut Eternity Band on Platinum Setting, 9.40 Carats

This wedding band features tightly set emerald cut stones in a platinum band. There is a powerful impression being made, one that suggests strength, loyalty, and a loving bond that shall never be broken. Beautiful, powerful, and graceful, this engagement band showcases all that is good and pure about love everlasting.