Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Side Stones, 2.29 Carats

The Battle is On: Oval Cut vs. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Round and oval cut diamonds are two of the most popular shapes available for engagement rings today. Round cut rings are traditional, while remaining firmly relevant to modern trends. Oval cut rings evoke a vintage look, but it's an appearance which can be dazzling in combination with other, more modern elements.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Side Stones, 2.29 Carats

This unique ring features the eye opening accompaniment of two side stones, which further enhance the beautiful sparkle of the round cut center stone. Majestically cradled within a platinum setting, each stone is surrounded by a halo of small round cut diamonds, to further enhance the splendor of its refraction. The result is a light show, a powerful emblem of love and loyalty, which is sure to add to every memory of such a wonderful occasion.

Oval Cut Wedding Ring, Double Shank with Halo, 3.11 Carats

The design of this double band engagement ring is at once simple and elegant, with two uniform bands running parallel, each encrusted by small round cut diamonds to bring out the finer elements of the beautifully cradled center stone. Set in platinum, this oval cut stone captures and reflects the light thrown into it by its own halo of round cut diamonds. Oval and round combine to create a dazzling and ever-shifting painting, whereby sparkling light is the only brush being employed.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond with Halo, 3.52 Carats

How to bring out the majesty of a beautiful wedding day with a single stone? Set a round diamond on a slender and delicate platinum band, and surround it with an encrusted halo of tiny round diamonds which serve to redirect light into the center stone. The result is an elegant and luxurious engagement ring, one which draws all eyes to the center and holds them there. The craftsmanship of this round cut diamond ring is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Oval Cut Diamond, Double Banded with Halo, 2.31 Carats

There is something classic, something vintage, to the appearance of an oval cut diamond ring. It evokes the elegance of the Victorian, or even the Elizabethan eras, and all of the incredible finery which surrounded an important celebration in such a bygone era. This beautifully set oval cut diamond is held within an elegant and artistically shaped double banded ring, symbolizing not only beauty, but also purity and strength.