2.27ct Fancy Light Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring side view

Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Radiant Cut Diamond | Mark Broumand
Fancy yellow radiant cut engagement rings combine the brilliance of the round cut with the rectangular shape of an emerald cut. Created by master diamantaire, Henry Grossbard in 1977, the combination of these highly favorable qualities of each separate cut created an intriguing new desire for square stones. While many square or rectangular shapes highlighted a diamond's clarity, these shaped stones did not offer a great deal of brilliance. The radiant capitalized on the appeal of the emerald cut and the demand of the round brilliant.

The 70 facets in this fiery stone create a "kaleidoscope" effect when viewing the diamond through the table, or large top facet of the diamond. You will want symmetry and balance in either your preferred square or rectangular shape. All angled corners should be identical and each side should mirror the other.

1.30ct Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant cut diamond engagement ring side view | Mark Broumand

What a radiant cut does for a natural white diamond, it does even more for a fancy colored diamond. This profile is often utilized to maximize hue of a lightly colored diamond. When carefully fashioned as radiant cuts, many yellow-tinted stones can become fancy yellows when viewed face up. (Fancy colored diamonds are graded in the face down position.) This perceived improvement in color increases the value per carat. As an added benefit, radiants retain more of the rough stone when cut than round brilliants.2.27ct Fancy Light Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring side view

As you can see, Mark Broumand has selected only the highest quality fancy yellow diamonds to use in his radiant cut diamond engagement rings. All of the engagement or anniversary rings showcased in his collection are carefully selected for their color, clarity and symmetry. To compliment your warm and bright fancy yellow diamond anniversary ring or engagement ring, you will also find radiant cut diamond earrings and bracelets. He can also create a custom designed ring setting if you have your own fancy colored loose diamond or can design an updated ring from an existing piece of jewelry.

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