Fix Your Antique Rings With A Loose Diamond

Fix Your Antique Rings With A Loose Diamond

Repair Antique Rings with Loose Diamonds | Mark Broumand

Antique jewelry pieces are typically passed down through the family for generations, so it can be a real tragedy if they get broken. It is not uncommon for the settings of diamond pieces to weaken over time, and by the time the antique piece falls into your hands, some of the stones may be missing or damaged.

If the antique piece of jewelry is something worth saving, you should reconsider restoring your ring. If you need to replace a missing center diamond, you can easily fix a jewelry piece with a loose diamond. Or, if the diamond was damaged or of poor quality, you can replace it with a more beautiful diamond that is more suited to your tastes.

Maybe your antique ring is beautiful, but the diamond isn't large enough for your engagement ring. You can alter the setting to allow a bigger, more beautiful diamond to be placed into the antique ring.

Replacing the diamond is as easy as filling out a form with the requirements as far as size and shape go, to give you the specifications needed to get a diamond that is perfect for your antique diamond ring.

Loose round brilliant cuts, radiant cuts, marquise cuts, and cushion cuts are just a few of the choices of cuts that you can consider when looking for a replacement stone for your antique ring. Replacing the cut on the ring can transform the ring from something that is dated and overly traditional, to something that is perfect for you.