Letting Her Choose the Ring

Proposing Without a Ring? Why to Let Your Woman Choose The Ring Herself

Let Your Fiance choose her engagement ring | Mark Broumand

Proposing without an engagement ring is unheard of for many men, but there is certainly something to be said for it. It is not easy to choose a diamond ring for your girlfriend, especially if she is extremely picky about the jewelry that she wears.

Imagine what would happen if you choose an engagement ring that your girlfriend didn't like. She probably wouldn't tell you that she hated it, because she wouldn't want to hurt your feelings. Instead she would have to wear a ring that she hated for the rest of her married life. Or, if she told you, she risks hurting your feelings for choosing the wrong ring.

Many girls would be happy with any ring their boyfriend chooses, but this is not true for everyone. Not all engagement rings are alike. Sorry guys, but an engagement ring is not just a chunk of diamond set into a metal band. There are millions of options when choosing a diamond ring. If your girlfriend has very particular tastes, finding the right engagement ring for her will certainly be a struggle. Sure you could always ask her friends for help and advice, but there is another way to give your girlfriend exactly what she wants.

Consider proposing to her without the ring, and allow her to pick out her own ring instead. There are many creative ways that you could do this so the proposal wouldn't seem cheap or unplanned. After the proposal is over, direct her to the large selection at Mark Broumand and allow her to choose the exact ring she wants.