Radiant Cut Diamond Eternity Bands Gifts

Great Gift - Radiant Cut Diamond Eternity Bands

Radiant Cut diamond eternity bands will be a single band that surrounds the finger, with perfectly encircled diamonds set side-by-side. The eternity band symbolizes eternal love, with no beginning and no end. Eternity bands are an excellent choice to celebrate anniversaries or as a treasured gift for the one you love.

Why the Radiant?

The radiant combines the best qualities of two other diamond shapes: the luster of the emerald cut and the brilliance of the round. The result is a square to rectangular shape with angled corners and incredible facet patterns that showcase the brilliance of this rare stone.

Radiant Cut Diamond Eternity Bands

The radiant cut was developed in 1977 by Henry Grossbard, after thirty-three years of honing his craft. He created a new cutting technique, the “brilliantized step cut” to capitalize on the best qualities of both the emerald and round cut, since each separately reflects light differently. Radiants are similar to princess cuts at first glance, but are among the rarest diamonds available.

A deep rough stone is required in this cut since depth is needed to create the brilliant facet work. For this reason, radiants may appear smaller than other diamond shapes when viewed from above. Radiants are a mixed cut, which combine the round brilliant and step-cut seen in diamonds such as the Asscher. The circular outline of the round brilliant can be seen in the center of many radiants.

Eternity bands from Mark Broumand are custom created, individual works of art. Each stone is matched to the others in size, color and clarity.

Radiant Cut Diamond Eternity Bands Gifts | Mark Broumand

The radiant cut maximizes color, making it an excellent choice for the fancy yellow eternity band below.

Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Eternity band
Radiant cut diamond rings are a perfect choice for anyone that desires brilliance in a square shaped diamond. Browse Mark Broumand's collection of rare and exquisite radiant cut diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, or eternity bands. The rare profile, clean lines and fiery brilliance make this diamond truly your beloved's next cherished treasure.