1.20ct Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Simply Beautiful - Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Sometimes a diamond is so splendid, that it is a beautiful and unique piece that shines on its own. The solitaire princess engagement ring is one of those works of art. Solitaire engagement rings feature a center diamond, set on a shank (band) using prongs or in a bezel setting. While halo or three-stone diamond engagement ring settings offer a multitude of design options, some opt for the minimalist beauty of a single stone in a solitaire setting.

Princess Cut Diamond Side View | Mark Broumand

Your princess will be a perfectly symmetrical square or slightly rectangular, will have intact corners and a profile that resembles an inverted pyramid. You will see intricate facet patterns when looking down through the table (large, flat, top facet) of the diamond. Feature cuts, known as chevrons will be cut into the pavilion of the diamond. Chevrons create the beautiful mosaic brilliance through the top of the stone that princess cut diamonds are famous for. If you are interested in a square stone with more of a vintage appeal, look into the lustrous clarity of the asscher cut or emerald cut diamond engagement rings. Here are some solitaire princess diamond engagement rings that showcase the beauty of bare.

2.51ct Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire

2.51ct princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring | Mark Broumand

This spectacular EGL certified single 2.51ct diamond is the stunning centerpiece of this high polish 14k white gold solitaire engagement ring. This stone is nearly colorless and only slightly included. The inclusions are predominantly white and concentrated in one area. The reverse-tapered shank balances this large stone and accents the princess perfectly.

1.20ct Princess Cut Solitaire

1.20ct Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

The gorgeous 1.20ct princess is EGL certified at H-SI2. It is perfectly eye clean, containing only white inclusions. The delicate and slender round shank is crafted of high polish 18k white gold.

0.70ct Princess Solitaire Engagement Ring

0.70ct princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring | Mark Broumand

The high polish platinum shank is tapered to present a dazzling 0.70ct princess cut, GIA certified at E-VS1. It is exceptionally white with perfect clarity. This solitaire ring has incredible clean lines coupled with the diamond's symmetry and brilliance.

As you can see, each princess cut solitaire is a unique jewelry creation that she will cherish forever. If you are searching for any style of diamond engagement ring or any other fine jewelry, Mark Broumand and his team of jewelry professionals can assist you with finding or creating the perfect jewelry piece you need.