Mark Broumand Wedding Tips

How To Set Up A Webpage for Wedding Announcements

There are many ways to announce a wedding. One of the most popular is setting up a webpage. Webpages announce a couples engagement and planned wedding date, allowing the couple to provide the most up-to-date information on their wedding and control what information is shared with their guests.

When setting up a webpage you will typically find the following information on the site, each in individual pages:
  • About the couple
  • How to proposal took place
  • Information about the ceremony & reception
  • Who's who in the wedding party
  • Where you are registered
  • Local maps & hotels for the wedding
  • Photos album
  • Honeymoon plans
  • Contact/RSVP

There are many online resources that offer wedding websites for free such as and You simply upload photos and fill in the details to your special occasion.

These websites can appropriately be used in lieu of wedding announcements if you are budget, or environmentally conscience. Though, it is customary to send announcements with a special insert referencing more information on the website. Be sure to have your registry information available and other details that your guests may ask such as directions to the event, or names of the photographer, caterers, etc.

Display pictures of your Mark Broumand engagement ring on your website to announce the upcoming wedding! We are happy to be with you during your special occasion.