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Prepping for the Wedding Day: Makeup

Wedding photos are the primary set of pictures a couple is determined to cherish for the rest of their lives. They are a timeless symbol of youthful love and commitment. So it's natural that you will want to look your best, particularly on this special occasion. Here are a few tips to prep for make-up style on your wedding day.

Prep, 3 months prior. Healthy Glow - Clear Skin

For maintenance and continual clear skin visit an aesthetician. They may consult with you about skin peels, extractions (removing blackheads), and various masks that will bring life to your skin. They can also recommend a reputable dermatologist as needed. Start early as some treatments are better used as a series and may require healing time.

Prep, 2 months prior. Healthy Glow - Color

Getting sun in 15 minute increments will bring a healthy glow to your skin. Start with 15 minutes every other day or every few days to achieve the base color you desire. With doctor's supervision, you can visit the tanning beds during the winter months. Start about two months prior to the wedding for a smooth even tan.

Prep, 1 month prior. Consultation/Hiringg>

You may choose to go with your signature makeup look or consult with makeup artists. Either way, now is the latest time to consult on what colors you are going to use, what brands of makeup photograph well, also what compliments your bridal colors. Review magazines and fashion online. This is also the time to choose your wedding day jewelry to match your look.

Pro: A professional make-up artist can offer these consultations to you, such as at the M.A.C. Cosmetics store. You may also ask your friends and family for recommendations on artists if you are looking to hire a professional. A professional artist is accustomed to working on timed schedules and has a variety of makeup to recommend, or will use your personal selection.

Self: YouTube offers a variety of how-to videos that will provide instruction on various looks and tips on how to use different product. You will want to have your supplies ready such as brushes, bronzes, and extensions. Practice in the mirror a few times prior to the wedding day. Photograph your different looks to find your favorite. Typically a bride will choose neutral colors so her natural features show at their best. Make sure your foundation matches exactly, especially if you have been tanning.

Day Of - Time Planning

The day of the wedding is one of commotion! You will want to set aside proper time to plan for make-up application. This can take one hour to all day. Make-up application will usually take place after you get your hair done and are dressed in your gown. Again, by practicing application first you will save time on the big day. Be sure to have your foundation and blush handy for touch up.

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When you are prepping for your wedding day don't forget the earrings! Any style you choose will be complimented by the right set of diamond earrings to finish your once-in-a-lifetime look. The professional staff at Mark Broumand is glad to answer any questions you may have about choosing the right earrings for your wedding day.