How to Use Precious Metals in Your Custom Diamond Ring

How to Use Precious Metals in Your Custom Diamond Ring

The selection of a precious metal can create an additional layer of depth and is one of the visual components to consider when creating a custom diamond ring. Not only can metal increase a diamond's brightness, it can also lend the right amount of contrast for a diamond to stand out. As always, personal preference and what is the most visually pleasing to you should dictate your final choice when selecting a precious metal for your custom diamond ring from Mark Broumand.

  • Yellow Gold – 14k or 18k yellow gold is pure gold mixed with alloys for strength
  • White Gold – 14k or 18k white gold is pure gold and silver or palladiu
  • Rose Gold – 14k or 18k rose gold is pure gold mixed with alloys for strength and copper for color
  • Platinum - a precious silvery-white metal with high tensile strengt

Engagement Ring Metal Choices | Mark Broumand
**Pure gold of any color is relatively delicate and malleable. The addition of different alloys strengthens gold to make it durable for use in jewelry that will be worn daily.

Here are some ideas to consider when selecting a precious metal for your custom jewelry piece:

Diamonds that accentuate clarity

5.49ct Emerald Cut Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
This lustrous and bright emerald cut three-stone engagement ring is highlighted with very white diamonds, color graded as G. These are perfectly accented by high polish white gold or platinum (this ring). Milgrain details help to define the shank from the incredibly bright diamonds. If you have chosen a diamond with a warmer color, yellow or rose gold can add just the right touch to bring out the warmer color of your stone.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

1.67ct Fancy Light Brown Yellow Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
The fundamental visual effect of diamonds are created by the reflection or refraction of light entering the table (large, top facet) of the stone. When light enters a diamond, it will also reflect off the metals surrounding the stone. In the case of a fancy light yellow diamond engagement ring, select yellow gold or rose gold to further enhance the color reflecting back, therefore intensifying the natural hue of the diamond. If your fancy colored diamond has a strong saturation of color, white gold or platinum will create an enhancing and lovely contrast to your bold stone.

Accents for your side stones

The side stones used on the halo and shank of this pear cut engagement ring are fancy pink round brilliant cut diamonds. The shank and prongs are fashioned from 18k rose gold which offers additional warmth to the pink diamonds since rose gold has a subtle red tone to it. The six prongs on this sparkling white H color diamond offer a subtle contrast that further brightens the center stone.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting the precious metal to use when designing a custom diamond ring. If you are unsure about a precious metal to use, it is also possible to use more than one metal; one for the shank (band) and a completely different metal for the basket that holds your center stone. Many of the custom designed jewelry pieces that Mark has created contain different gold colors and he can help you select the perfect precious metal for your unique creation.