Emerald and diamond engagement rings on a woman's hand.

Is It OK to Use an Emerald as an Engagement Ring?

Using an emerald as an engagement ring is a splendid choice that adds a touch of vibrant individuality to your love story. The deep green hue of an emerald symbolizes new beginnings and is a striking departure from the traditional diamond.

Picture the breathtaking moment when you present an engagement ring with a stunning emerald surrounded by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds, a statement piece that transcends the ordinary.

The precious gem can become a meaningful representation of your commitment. Reach out to Mark Broumand to find the perfect emerald engagement ring within your price range.

Choosing Non-Traditional Gemstones for Engagement Rings

We are currently seeing an exciting surge in the popularity of non-traditional gemstones, and at the forefront of this sparkling revolution is the emerald. The allure lies not just in the captivating beauty of the gem but in the decision to depart from the expected.

Selecting a non-traditional gemstone for engagement rings adds a layer of sophistication to your narrative of love. There's a magnetic charm in deviating from the conventional, and this growing trend is a celebration of individuality.

The Unique Qualities of Emeralds

Emeralds belong to the beryl family, and while they score moderately on the Mohs scale of hardness (typically ranging from 7.5 to 8), they exhibit a captivating vulnerability that sets them apart.

This gem is often accompanied by natural inclusions, known as "jardin," adding character but also influencing its durability. Jardin, a term derived from the French word for "garden," is the mesmerizing pattern found within emeralds.

These intricate "gardens" are formed during the emerald's growth process deep within the earth. As emeralds crystallize, various minerals and natural elements infuse into the beryl structure, creating fascinating internal landscapes. Inclusions can become a metaphor for embracing imperfections and finding beauty in authenticity.

At Mark Broumand, we recognize the unique qualities of emeralds and take special measures to protect these precious gems from potential damage. Emeralds may require a bit more care to maintain, but their charm can outweigh these concerns.

Symbolism and Meaning of Emerald Engagement Rings

Emeralds have captivated humanity for centuries, earning a revered status among gemstones. Beyond their stunning aesthetic appeal, emeralds embody a myriad of symbolic meanings.

Representing renewal and rebirth, the gem is often associated with nature's vitality. In many cultures, emeralds are believed to harbor healing properties, fostering balance and tranquility. With a history intertwined with royalty and spirituality, emeralds continue to be prized for their special color, sparking admiration in the eyes of beholders.

Choosing an emerald for an engagement ring can transform the symbolic act of proposing into a deeply personal experience. An emerald engagement ring can be linked to a specific detail of your relationship. Perhaps the vivid green resonates with the lush landscape where you first met, or its inclusions mirror the beautiful imperfections that make your relationship uniquely yours.

The Magic of Emeralds Paired With Precious Metals

When emeralds are coupled with precious metals like platinum or gold, the result is a masterpiece that transcends the ordinary. This alchemy enhances the jewelry’s beauty and adds deeper layers of meaning. In the hands of our skilled artisans, the pairing of emeralds with luxurious metals becomes a celebration of craftsmanship and beauty.


Pairing emeralds with platinum for engagement rings creates a harmonious union. The cool-toned brilliance of platinum serves as a perfect backdrop to showcase the rich green color of emeralds.

Beyond its visual appeal, platinum is a symbol of enduring strength, mirroring a lasting commitment. The durability of platinum also complements the more delicate nature of emeralds, providing a secure setting that protects the gem while allowing it to shine.

Emerald cut emerald diamond platinum engagement ring with a white background

White Gold

The cool, silvery hue of white gold beautifully complements the green brilliance of emeralds. The combination of white gold and emerald often appeals to those who appreciate a clean and minimalist aesthetic. The neutral tone of white gold also offers versatility, complementing various styles and wardrobes.

Side view of an emerald cut emerald white gold engagement ring.

Rose Gold

Emeralds with rose gold create a romantic combination that captures the essence of love. The soft, warm tones of rose gold enhance the color of emeralds. This pairing often evokes a sense of vintage charm. The blush hues of rose gold infuse the engagement ring with a subtle warmth, adding a touch of intimacy to the design.

Yellow Gold

Combining emeralds with yellow gold creates a striking and warm combination that exudes classic elegance. The emerald green harmonizes beautifully with the rich tones of yellow gold, creating a visually captivating engagement ring. This pairing evokes a sense of regality and luxury reminiscent of antique designs.

Emerald cut emerald and diamond yellow gold engagement ring with a white background.

Embracing the Diversity of Cuts for Emerald Engagement Rings

We offer a diverse array of gemstone shapes for engagement rings. Whether you envision a romantic pear-shaped gem, a sleek emerald cut, or any other distinctive shape, we provide a curated selection to suit every taste.

Emerald Cut

The distinctive rectangular or square shape of the emerald cut effortlessly complements emeralds, allowing their rich color and inclusions to take center stage. This cut, known for its step-like facets and open table, creates a mesmerizing play of light within the gem. The emerald cut, with its clean lines and classic aesthetic, lends a sense of vintage glamor to the engagement ring.

Emerald cut emerald diamond engagement ring with a white background

Oval Cut

The elongated oval shape gracefully accentuates the emerald green, creating a visually striking design. This cut offers a touch of romance while maintaining a contemporary edge. The oval cut not only enhances the gem's inherent beauty but also provides a flattering and elongating effect on the finger.

Side view of an oval-cut emerald engagement ring with a white background.

Pear Shape

The distinctive teardrop silhouette of the pear cut adds a touch of sophistication to emeralds. The pointed end of the shape elongates the finger, offering a flattering and feminine touch. Our collection of pear-shaped emerald engagement rings showcases the mastery of craftsmanship and a keen understanding of the delicate balance between gemstone and cut.

Pear-shaped emerald and diamond engagement ring with a white background.

Personalize Your Love Story With Custom Emerald Engagement Rings

We celebrate that love is diverse and distinctive, and we encourage you to infuse your own vision into your engagement ring. From selecting the perfect gem and choosing the ideal cut to handpicking the precious metal that resonates with your style, the customization process ensures that the ring becomes a true reflection of your love.

Whether it's a vintage-inspired design, a contemporary masterpiece, or a timeless classic, we will transform your vision into reality. The result will be a tangible embodiment of the unique details of your relationship, a personalized treasure.

Mark Broumand Will Help You Find That Special Emerald Engagement Ring

With an extensive emerald engagement ring collection, Mark Broumand offers a rewarding experience. Our team understands the significance of this milestone and will help express your love.

Focusing on your personal story, we transform the search for an engagement ring into a cherished and unforgettable journey. Contact us today to share your vision and love story.