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Bridal Jewelry and Accessories: Complete Your Wedding Look with the Perfect Pieces

Your wedding day is all about feeling beautiful from head to toe. In addition to selecting the perfect dress and your fiance selecting the perfect ring, you can add several other accessories to create your unique bridal day look.

At Mark Broumand, our team is here to help you find fine jewelry pieces to pull everything together into a cohesive look. Choosing the right pieces will make you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

Matching Your Metal

When choosing bridal jewelry, it's important to match metals with your engagement ring and other accessories you've already selected. Staying in the same yellow, white, gold, or platinum family creates a polished finish. 

You can also mix metals strategically for added flair. Our fine jewelry associates can help you choose the perfect pairing for the metals so they emphasize and complement your other accessories. Here are some tips to get you started thinking about what look you want to create: 

  • Combining your platinum wedding band with rose gold stacked rings provides elegance with a fun, modern twist.
  • Consider a yellow and white gold layered necklace or mixed metal stones set in different bases for a two-tone effect.
  • Mixing brass, copper, or bronze accent pieces with precious metals adds warmth and texture without looking mismatched.

Choosing the Right Neckline for Your Wedding Day

Certain neckline shapes on wedding dresses naturally enhance and highlight different types of necklace pieces better than others. Neckline cut and length need to be considered when selecting bridal jewelry placement. For lower V-necks or sweetheart necklines that fall to mid-chest or below, opt for shorter pendant necklaces that hit at the base of the neck and draw attention upward. 

You could also choose a necklace to accent your neckline. If pendants aren't what you envision, you could style your look with a short tennis necklace or one representing your faith. We have necklaces of all different lengths to create your dream bridal look. 

How to Choose a Matching Bracelet

When it comes to elegant bridal bracelets, tennis bracelets, and diamond bracelets are top contenders to accent your wedding day style. Tennis bracelets are named for their chain-link silhouette, a tennis necklace. Typically crafted from precious metals like white gold, they feature a continuous flow of round brilliant cut diamonds set closely together. 

This classic design flatters almost any wrist size and pairs beautifully with both sleeveless gowns and three-quarter or full-length styles. A tennis bracelet wraps gracefully around the wrist without feeling bulky or sliding. Small diamonds' bezel or prong setting adds a pure sparkle that complements solitaire rings and stud earrings.

  • Diamond bracelets offer variation within the gemstone theme. 
  • Bead-style designs intersperse diamonds with metal beads or spacers on a stretch bracelet for a modern feel. 

How to Choose Your Rings and Earrings That Don't Outshine Your Diamond Ring

Two of the bridal jewelry staples are rings and earrings. Here are some factors to consider when selecting these pieces to complete your wedding day look:


Your engagement and wedding rings will understandably be the focal point, but you can also add right-hand rings to add a pop of color. 

We have a wide variety of fancy color rings to choose from. When coordinating stackable rings, pay attention to your finger dimensions so pieces do not overlap.


For daylight hours, stud earrings keep the focus on your features. As the evening wears on, opting for earrings with a bit more flash makes a beautiful statement. Analyze your ear shape, size, and sensitivities before choosing your earrings. 

Small hoops, diamond drops, or chandelier-esque styles flatter most. Avoid overly heavy earrings that may pull or cause discomfort over long periods of wear. 

Beyond engagement and wedding jewelry basics, consider your heel height, hairstyle, makeup, and neckline when accessorizing from top to bottom. Rings with intricate detailing or earrings with gemstones in your birth month colors can add a special personal touch to your look. 

Customize Your Bridal Jewelry Look With Mark Broumand

If you see a piece of jewelry you like but want to add more color or detail to it, we can customize it for you. All of our pieces are custom-made, but they're eligible for further customization.

To start the process, you can provide us with inspirational photos of jewelry you like, fill out a custom request form, and detail any other things you'd like us to customize. You can link to Pinterest or other places where you keep your ideas. Next, we'll create a digital 3D render of your piece that you can review and give us feedback on. Then, we can make the changes.

Reviewing your piece this way lets you know the measurements and overall look, so you don't have to worry about waiting until your wedding day to find out what it looks like. Mark Broumand will inspect the piece once production is completed to ensure it meets our high quality standards.

In the final step, a Gemological Institute of America graduate will appraise your piece, and then we'll package it in our lovely embossed signature box. You will also receive the Certificate of Appraisal along with your bridal jewelry so you know how much your piece is worth.

Contact Us to Start Planning Your Bridal Day Look Today

At Mark Broumand, we want to help you achieve the look of your dreams for your big day. By pairing the right accessories, you’re sure to shine when you walk down the aisle. Contact us if you have any questions about choosing the perfect jewelry.