Old European Round Cut Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

Old European Round Cut Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

Old European Round Cut Diamond from GIA | Mark Broumand
The predecessor to the modern Round Brilliant, the old European round cut diamond engagement ring features a circular girdle on a 58-facet stone. The old European has larger, chunky facets which create a world of white and dark light contrast within the diamond, very much resembling a “checkerboard” pattern. The larger facets also visually display slower light scintillation than the fiery and brilliant modern round diamonds. Though the old European and modern round brilliant are similar in some ways, the overall facets and light behavior are very different in the two cuts.

Old European Round Cut Engagement Ring

Custom designed from top to bottom, you will not find an old European round diamond engagement ring like this anywhere else. The mesmerizing 2.82ct antique European round center diamond is GIA certified at O-P, VS1. It has a beautiful light yellow color and is exceptionally clear, even under 10X magnification. The yellow adds additional warmth to the center diamond, enhanced by the yellow gold prongs that secure it. It is enhanced by a combination of 8 round brilliant cut and straight-step baguette diamonds. It is fashioned in bright platinum with additional round brilliant cut diamonds almost halfway down the shank. She will truly love this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Old European Antique Round Cut Engagement Ring
This incredible old European round center diamond is GIA certified as F-SI1. It is brilliant, white and eye-clean. This captivating beauty is a halo diamond engagement ring. To further enhance the ring's beauty, a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds encircle the center stone. The ring is fashioned in 18k white gold and additional round cut diamonds extend three-quarters of the way down the concave shank. This ring will leave her breathless.

Antique jewelry can connect us to a past romantic era. Many of the rings from Mark Broumand are authentic antique rounds, but modern technology has also made it possible to recreate the shape and facet patterns of antique cuts. Visit Mark Broumand to view his selection of antique and modern diamond engagement rings.