Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Gifts

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Gifts

Round Brilliant cut diamond engagement rings are the most popular style of engagement rings in existence. They have an unmatched brilliance that was perfected almost a century ago, having evolved into the contemporary cut we know today over a period of six centuries. The round brilliant cut is a 58-facet diamond with perfect angles, symmetry and maximum brilliance. If you are searching for a similarly round shape with comparable brilliance, check into the oval cut diamond ring collection from Mark Broumand.

6.46ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

6.46ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Here's an exceptionally large and beautiful round brilliant cut diamond in a cushion halo that will have people staring! This gorgeous piece features a 5.51ct round center stone, AGS certified at N-SI2. It is set in high polish 18k rose gold and set in a cushion shaped halo and accented by a split shank that joins into a single shank. The setting is set with round diamonds in a micropavé setting style, which showcases the gem beautifully with minimal metal showing. Exceptional size, beauty and brilliance and all at an amazing value!

The modern round cut is optically stunning, with the best light dispersion and refraction of any other diamond cut. Mathematical calculations and theories of light behavior were studied for nearly 100 years to maximize the brilliance and fire of the 58-facet round cut. This research led to less of the rough diamond being lost during cutting. The modern rounds seen today has a larger table (flat top facet of the diamond), smaller culet (lowest point of the stone), and the star facets and lower half facets were elongated.

1.07ct Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

1.07ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
This gorgeous round brilliant diamond ring has an excellent combination of quality, craftsmanship and all at a great value. The mesmerizing 0.52ct center diamond is EGL certified at G-VS1. It is white and very clear, even under magnification. The gem is accented by round brilliants, pave set to perfection, on the sides of the engagement ring. The design is captivating and the brilliance of the diamonds will mesmerize you!

Browse Mark Broumand’s selection of round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings. Round brilliants are so versatile and perfect as a halo engagement ring, three-stone ring or accented with side stones. If you have a perfect ring in mind, Mark can custom design the round brilliant diamond ring she has been dreaming of.