Pillows of Light - The Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Pillows of Light - The Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

The cushion cut engagement ring is one of the most popular rings sold at Mark Broumand. This unique diamond will be square to rectangular with rounded corners and gently curved sides, like a pillow - hence the name. Many shape variations exist in this cut and you are sure to find the exact look that you desire. Some stones will be mostly square with only slightly rounded corners while others may be more rectangular with ample, curved sides. The shape of this stone was often described as a hybrid of the old mine cut and the modern day oval diamond.

1.81ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Accent Stones | Mark Broumand
Cushion cuts appeared in the early 19th century and was "the" diamond cut for nearly 200 years until Marcel Tolkowsky's round brilliant cut diamond was introduced in 1919. Even though the introduction of the round brilliant cut diamond initially stole the spotlight from many diamonds, Tolkowsky's round proved to be beneficial as gradual improvements to the cushion cut caused an eventual resurgence in its popularity.

2.31ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Some developments for the cushion included:

  • Decreasing the size of the culet (lowest bottom facet of a diamond)
  • Enlarging the table (the large, flat top facet of a gemstone)
  • Angular improvement of the facets which increased brilliance

The GIA classifies cushion cut diamonds with two different facet patterns, “Cushion Brilliant” or “Modified Cushion Brilliant” listed on certification reports. There are various patterns which can fall within these two divisions. The image below lists a sample of one of the facet patterns of each classification. A distinctive characteristic difference of the modified cushion brilliant cut is characterized by an extra row of facets below the girdle, the horizontal division between the crown (top section) and pavilion (bottom section) of a diamond.

Cushion Cut Diamond Facet Patterns | Mark Broumand

These two classifications are only technical terms for the faceting and you cannot tell from a certification whether one is more brilliant or fiery than the other, regardless of labeling. When considering ANY diamond, do not get caught up in the technicalities of certification. Always choose a diamond that appeals to you visually. 4.10ct Cushion Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

The cushion cut engagement ring will offer you modern day performance coupled with the sophistication of antiquity in a rare and incandescent diamond. For a more vintage look, Mark Broumand has a selection of distinctly faceted antique cushion cut diamond rings that shine brightly with candlelit warmth. Modern or antique, your cushion cut engagement ring will shine brilliantly for generations to come.