Online Custom Jewelry Design

Skip The Plane, Get The Service

CNN Money has recently reported on the FAA's communication policies. The report addresses whether in-flight cell phones are still a dangerous threat to electronics navigation systems on-board aircraft.

We all can acknowledge that the digital world is not going away. In fact, WiFi service itself is now a regular feature on-board flights. So is it still applicable that with all our advanced technologies we are still censoring our personal equipment like iPods and Blue-Ray players in flight?

While we will have to wait to for federal regulations to complete proper testing on cell phone usage next time we board an aircraft, we do not have to wait to complete quality business.

At Mark Broumand, we can help you manage your jewelry estate by providing you with custom designs over the phone and via email. There is no longer a need to visit jewelers in-house. In fact, we have customers from all over the states and even overseas. Our customers understand that quality and service do not have to be compromised.

What does this mean? Skip the regulations and the flights! Send us your custom jewelry design online and we will bring your masterpiece to life just as you envision it. Whether overseas or in our back yard, we are here to help you have the best experience and quality of your custom designed jewelry.