Tennis Jewelry Is The New Every Day Look

Tennis Jewelry Is The New Every Day Look

Tennis jewelry has faced a resurgence of popularity in recent years and when it comes to how and when to wear it, the game has changed for this iconic piece. These pieces of beautiful diamond jewelry are no longer reserved only for special occasions.

Dress Up or Down

Tennis jewelry is the epitome of the word versatility. A gorgeous thread of diamonds can be part of a casual daytime look as easily as it can complement an elegant evening gown. A stack of petite tennis necklaces instantly elevates a t-shirt and jeans; while a tennis bracelet stacked with your favorite watch adds an unexpected sparkle to your look. Your favorite tennis piece could easily become the jewelry you live in daily.

Timeless and Classic

The tennis bracelet could possibly be one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in modern history. These flexible and comfortable pieces have stood the test of time and your grandmother’s cherished bracelet could be your new favorite too. While tennis jewelry has evolved over time, these pieces maintain their sentimental quality and are still something to be passed down to special family members or friends.

Great For Gifting

When searching for a gift for your loved one, it can be difficult finding the right piece to complement their personality and style. Available in different shapes, weights, and lengths there truly is a tennis piece for everyone. Modern twists on both tennis bracelets and necklaces have utilized every shape of diamond imaginable to create new looks. However, the classic round brilliant cut continues to be the most popular among women from young girls to more mature and elegant women.