The Teardrop Cut - Three Stone Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

The Teardrop Cut - Three Stone Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

The three-stone pear shaped engagement ring is a unique choice in style that stands out from the rest. The pear shape is an elegant blend of the round brilliant and marquise cut diamond and is often called the teardrop cut; one end of this large stone is perfectly round while the other narrows to a delicate and tapered point. The three-stone setting has a special sentimental meaning, with the two smaller side gems representing the past and present; the largest center diamond symbolizes your future together.

3.08ct Fancy Light Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThe impressive center stunner in this fancy yellow three stone diamond ring is a 2.08ct pear shaped diamond, EGL certified at Fancy Light Yellow, SI2. The 2.00ct center stone has a delicious canary color and an amazing, pleasant shape.

3.08ct Fancy Light Yellow Three Stone Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring Side View | Mark Broumand
It has complimenting pears on either side. All three gems are encompassed in halos of micropavé set round diamonds. From the back and side views, the yellow center's hand engraved basket and adorned connectors are visible. East and west bezel set round cuts finish off this extraordinary fancy yellow pear shape engagement ring.

5.14ct Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
This amazing three-stone engagement or anniversary ring starts with the rare 3.04ct pear shaped diamond set in the center. It is certified by EGL at H-VS1, nearly colorless and perfectly clear, even under magnification. This custom-made piece showcases this majestic diamond perfectly.

5.14ct Three Stone Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring Side | Mark Broumand
There are two large teardrop cut diamonds flanked on the sides of the center. The ring is made with a Euro shank which means it is squared off at the bottom. All three sides of the shank are studded with round brilliant cut diamonds in a pavé setting. This high polish platinum piece is exceptional from every angle.

A three-stone pear shaped diamond ring from Mark Broumand works excellently as an engagement or anniversary ring. The pear also works well in the popular halo setting or as a center stone with accent side stones. For a similar style in a circular profile, check into the curved and brilliant oval cut diamond engagement rings available. Mark can also custom design any pear shaped ring to match your specific taste.