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What does an Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Mean?

Every engagement ring cut has a story and meaning. Today, we're shining a spotlight on oval diamond engagement rings, their meaning, and how to know if it's the right ring to choose for your fiancée.

At Mark Broumand, we offer a huge collection of oval-cut diamond rings that you can choose from. All of our rings are custom-made and can be customized to her liking.

What does an Oval Diamond Ring Symbolize?

An oval diamond symbolizes everlasting love, family, and new beginnings, all of the things that come to mind when we think of a new marriage. The diamond's oval shape is endless as the diamond’s facets circulate for eternity. 

This type of cut has many other meanings, demonstrating its versatility. You and your forever love may even find a new meaning that's special to you after you propose with this gorgeous ring.

History of Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Lazare Kaplan, a famous diamond cutter, created the oval-cut diamond in the 1960s. Kaplan was known for being able to take large diamonds and turn them into beautiful masterpieces. His rise to popularity came in 1936 when he cut the famous 726-carat Jonker diamond, the fourth-largest uncut gem at the time.

In 1957, Kaplan sought to create a diamond cut that would showcase a unique blend of brilliance and elegance. Through experimentation and refinement, Kaplan introduced the world to the captivating oval-cut diamond. With its elongated shape and symmetrical facets, the oval cut exudes a unique charm that captures hearts and evokes a sense of timeless romance.

The facets that Kaplan created in the oval diamond are why they're so breathtaking. It has a larger surface area from above than a classic  round brilliant. And this is what Kaplan strived to create: a more varied round cut.

Celebrities that Don an Oval Cut Engagement Ring

If you're trying to decide if the oval-cut diamond ring is the right one to present to your girlfriend when you propose, Mark Broumand is here to help. Taking a look at a few celebrities who have oval-cut engagement rings can give you an idea of whether this ring cut is right for your girlfriend by comparing their styles. 

Blake Lively's Solitaire Pink Oval Cut

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the complete power couple, and they have a genuine love, and it shows. Blake's pink oval cut engagement ring says nothing less than that. 

Her rose gold band compliments the blush oval cut diamond that sits on top. Pink diamonds are considered to be some of the rarest in the world, making her ring unique. What's more impressive is that Ryan didn't ask Blake for help picking this beautiful ring. 

He worked with her friend and her favorite jewelry designer to pick out this stunning yet unique oval cut. So, if your girlfriend loves a pop of color and likes to stand out, an oval-cut diamond ring is perfect to represent your love. 

Simone Biles' Sparkling Solitaire Oval Cut

NFL player Jonathan Owens proposed to Simone Biles with a ring that's as big and stunning as her Olympic career. The color grading is an F, which is colorless and has a clarity of VVS2 with no noticeable imperfections. 

Simone's oval cut is set on a micropave diamond with a platinum band. But Jonathan didn't stop there with the beauty of this ring; he took a step further to add a halo around the diamond, making it even more beautiful.

Simone is very athletic and is always on the go but never out of style. So, if your girlfriend has an active lifestyle but never wants to sacrifice style like Simone, an oval cut ring with a bit of pizazz is a great choice.

Celebrities have always influenced engagement ring trends, and if you see one you like that a particular celebrity has, we can certainly use that as a starting point to create your fiancée dream ring. 

Customizing an Oval Cut Diamond Ring, She'll Love

Our team of professionals can work with you to craft the perfect oval cut. We'll start drawing inspiration, whether it's from a celebrity or your girlfriend has already dropped some hints about the engagement ring she wants. All you have to do is fill out a custom jewelry request with information about the ring as well as pictures if you have any. 

Then, we'll create a design via a 3D rendering that showcases the measurements of facets and the ring overall. You'll be able to see the ring from all angles, so you can tell us if we need to make any adjustments.

Once you approve the design, we'll create a wax model in the metal that you want for the ring. Mark Broumand himself will review your diamond ring to make sure it's just as you want.

In the final step of the process, we'll have a Gemological Institute of America graduate appraise the ring so you know its value. Then, we'll ship it to you in our signature embossed box with your appraisal certificate. 

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