5.81ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring

What Is A Radiant Cut Diamond?

5.81ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring | Mark Broumand 5.81ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring

When you are shopping for diamond styles you may have come across the style called "Radiant". It's easy to understand the round, heart, and princess cut diamonds because we are familiar with those. To hear the word radiant strikes the thought, "Yes, of course I want my diamonds to be radiant"! Here is a little more explanation as to what radiant means when referring to a diamond cut.

In 1977 Henry Grossbard introduced the Radiant cut as its original maker. As a master diamond cutter, Henry experimented with the brilliance of a round cut and coupled it with the design of the emerald cut. This design added a new appeal to rectangular or square diamonds. Radiant diamonds have a square look with chamfered corners and a more complex cutting in their underside for a total of 70 facets. This helps bring the fire out of a diamond giving it the enduring glisten we all love.

When choosing a radiant diamond it is important to buy from qualified jewelers. When a diamond is properly cut all sides will be symmetrical and balanced. A well-cut diamond will maximize the weight retention of the diamond while bringing the best look out of it.

Focus on shopping for a cut rating of Excellent or Very good, and a gemstone that is at least SI2 in clarity. Radiant gems are available in square or rectangle in a variety of length/width ratios.

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