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How To Store Jewelry

You have the jewelry collection of your dreams. All of your rings sparkle, the necklace your husband gave you last year is still your favorite piece, your treasured custom designed diamond engagement ring is the one you used to sketch when you were a teenager. You have built your jewelry collection meticulously, you know each piece like it was your child, and what jewelry goes with which favorite outfits. So why is it that we often forget the importance of properly storing jewelry?

With proper jewelry storage, you can increase the life of your jewelry. If jewelry gets tossed around in a box or drawer the likelihood of it getting scratched, bent, damaged, or lost increases dramatically. Try a few tips to get organized with your jewelry collection.

  • - Sort out by kind. If you first sort by rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. you can find where your matching earring sets are, what rings you own, and what you wear most often.
  • - Find a place in the house to keep your collection. You may want to store very valuable piece in a safe or safety deposit box to be worn on occasion. Or if you have daily use items, consider a armoire or custom built jewelry organizer to store your precious pieces in.
  • - Necklaces. It is important to store necklaces upright or flat. First, unclasp the necklace to make sure the chain is free of kinks and twists. Then, re-clasp and hang in an organized manner.
  • - Use wood or other moisture wicking material. By keeping moisture away from jewelry you preserve the finishes of gold and other metals at their best.
  • - Store pearls separately. Pearls are a very soft stone, unlike diamonds. Store them individually so as not to scratch their finish.
  • - Opal needs moisture so it does not become to brittle. Store opal in the most exposed area to soak moisture from the air.

You can group your collection according to style or occasion, however you see fit. By taking advanced care measures with your jewelry collection you can assure more life out of your valuables.