1.36ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Wow Her with an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Many people greatly desire the linear and clean vintage look of the Emerald cut diamond ring. The rectangular and clean lines of the Emerald diamond was standardized during the Art Deco Period of the 1940s. The distinctive look of this stone makes it a very popular diamond choice among antique jewelry fans.

5.49ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
The Emerald Cut diamond was originally created for use in Emeralds to maximize the sparkle and brilliance of the gemstone. An Emerald shape diamond will have a very large table, or flat top and requires a very high quality stone, in both color and clarity since flaws and imperfections will be readily visible. If a rough stone does contain inclusions, it may be cut so that the flaws occur within the shorter ends or corners of the stone. This allows blemishes to be hidden within these facets.

This shape's facets are created by step or trap cuts that are long and narrow. The number of facets in Emerald Cut diamond rings will range between 50 and 58. The ideal length-to-width ratio of this rectangular profile is approximately 1.4 to 1. These rectangular beauties have corner points that are vulnerable to chipping or breakage and will be protected with prongs. Since the corners are intact with only a small section removed for bevel, approximately 80% of a rough stone is retained as the finished stone greater maximizing the value of this rectangular beauty.

1.36ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
This stone does not possess the “sparkle” or brilliance of many other diamonds; the cut maximizes a diamond’s inherent color, luster and clarity. If you desire a square shape stone with incredible fire, you may be interested in the beautiful and brilliant princess cut diamond ring. Most Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings will be set with the center stone parallel to the finger. Since the Emerald Cut is so bold as a center stone, the stone will look captivating as a solitaire, in a three-stone setting or accented with side stones.

The Emerald Cut diamond ring exudes linear sophistication and a vintage elegance for anyone wearing it. Visit Mark Broumand to find the perfect Emerald cut diamond ring, as an engagement or anniversary ring that will surely wow her.