3.01ct Fancy Yellow Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Angled View

Celebrate Love with a Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

If you are looking for a uniquely shaped engagement ring, look no further than a Marquise cut diamond ring from Mark Broumand. Also referred to as the "Navette Cut", this delicate diamond features an elongated oval shape with tapered, pointed ends. The Marquise was originally commissioned in the 18th century by King Louis XV of France to honor his longtime mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour's perfectly shaped kiss.

Your 58-facet modified brilliant stone will have perfect symmetry as this is a crucial part of this diamond's profile. The pointed ends should align with each other and left and right sides should mirror each other. Much like the notable and unique oval cut diamond ring, this stone is long and slender and creates a slimming and elongating effect on the finger at the wearer. These visually stunning and unique diamond rings very sophisticated and elegant and delicate. The ideal length to with ratio for this stone will be 2:1. This ratio is ideal to balance out stability without sacrificing the brilliance of the stone.

3.01ct Fancy Yellow Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

3.01ct Fancy Yellow Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Angled View | Mark Broumand

This special profile contains a large table, or flat top and your diamond will have high quality color and be very clear. Inclusions are often hidden within the shorter ends of the stone where they can disappear within the facet work of the stone. Per carat, your Marquise has the largest crown surface area of any other diamond and will appear larger than other shapes of the same weight. Care must be taken with the tapered ends and should be sent in prongs or a bezel setting to protect the delicate ends from chipping or breakage.

1.30ct Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

1.30ct Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Angled View | Mark Broumand

Each Marquise engagement ring that Mark Broumand has selected for his jewelry store was selected for its high quality clarity, color and symmetry. Every piece of jewelry Mark selects must also be visually stunning. If you desire a ring that is delicate and unique at an incredible value, the Marquise cut engagement ring is a sure thing. Be sure to also browse through Mark's many other jewelry pieces to perfectly accent this perfect ring.