Your Guide to Diamond Studs

Your Guide to Diamond Studs

Few jewelry items are as welcome to any woman’s jewelry collection as diamond studs. A sparkling pair matches as well with a pair of jeans as it does with a glamorous evening gown. It seems there isn’t an outfit in the world that stud earrings won’t compliment.

The versatility of studs truly makes them a life-long investment, a purchase that is ever resistant to the changing winds of fashion. As a gift, diamond studs are always a thoughtful and meaningful choice.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the variations in size, shape and price that are available to help you find the perfect pair.

Size: The carat weight of the diamonds is the most obvious factor. The difference between a 2ct pair of studs (1ct each) and a half carat pair (.25ct each) is significant, not just in size but also in price. We recommend trying on a couple sizes to find the right size for you.



Shape: The most popular and available shapes for diamond stud earrings are round and princess. As a general rule, try to match the shape of the studs with the shape of stones currently worn on rings or necklaces. While round is the safest choice, women who wear more modern styles may prefer a more unique shape like this elegant pair of emerald cut studs.



Price: For the most part 4 key factors affect a diamond's price: cut, color, and clarity and carat weight. When shopping for a pair of studs, your focus should be more on the carat weight/size and the cut quality of the pair. The size is important for obvious reasons, the larger the stone the bigger the shine. As for cut, a well cut diamond will sparkle much brighter than a poorly cut one. While color and clarity significantly affect the price of the diamond, when worn as studs, these factors are not as important.

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