A Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring to Capture Her Heart

A Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring to Capture Her Heart

For a truly uniquely shaped engagement ring with rich luster and intense fire, consider a cushion cut diamond engagement ring for your bride-to-be. The shape of a cushion will be squarish or rectangular with rounded corners and some will have soft, curved sides. Resembling a pillow, the cushion is a breathtaking hybrid of an "old mine cut" of the early 1800s and an oval diamond. Many consider this profile to be modern, even though the cut had a reign of popularity for almost 200 years until the early twentieth century. The unique cushion has been used in such popular diamonds as: the Regent, Yellow Tiffany and Hope Diamond.

2.51ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Side View
The 64 large facets in this unique shape enhance the inner fire and defined sparkle similar to that which is seen in the beautifully curvacious oval cut diamond engagement rings. Fashioned after the 58-facet "Old Mine Cut", the rough diamond needed for the cut must be deep to provide ample area for the larger facets inherent in this shape. The facet work of the deep stone intensifies the fire of the diamond, enhances the clarity and maximizes the brilliance.

1.87ct Fancy Yellow Brown Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
The shape of each of these individual mixed cut diamonds will differ from stone to stone. Some will possess more linear lines and gently rounded corners, while other stones will have more round or oval characteristics overall. The silhouette can be square or rectangular. Many modern-day cushions have a more "pinfire" or "crushed ice" brilliance. Antique cushions possess a more "checkerboard" facet pattern that returns light in more definitive blocks than modern day counterparts. This cut is an excellent match for fancy colored diamonds, since the facet patterns maximize color. It also intensifies the clarity in natural white diamonds.

2.03ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

A cushion cut diamond engagement ring is the best choice for a bride-to-be that desires a uniquely shaped diamond that shines with a fiery brilliance, without being round in shape. In addition to the modern cushion cut, Mark Broumand also carries a selection of vintage and romantic antique cushion cut diamond engagement rings. Viewing both antique and modern day cushions will give you an idea of the many different facet patterns available in this rare and unique diamond.