1.56 Fancy Yellow Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Fancy Yellow Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

The halo diamond engagement ring earned its name because of the “halo” of smaller stones that decorate and accent the center gemstone. This style of diamond ring is a classic, vintage setting that is often seen in classic films or in antique jewelry collections. It provides more sparkle and ornamentation than a solitaire diamond ring and is definitely an attention-grabber.

Natural diamonds are found in nearly every color and some colored stones are far rarer and sought after than stones that are colorless. The most common fancy color diamonds are found in are earth tones, browns and warm yellows. Fancy yellow diamonds are formed when trace amounts of nitrogen are present. These beautiful yellow diamonds have been gaining popularity and are gradually becoming more and more available in the jewelry trade since many celebrities have opted for a fancy yellow diamond as the crown jewel of their engagement ring.

We have selected two diamond engagement rings to showcase the marriage of rich, fancy yellow color and the halo ring setting. The two beauties below feature the radiant and cushion cut, known to maximize the natural color of diamonds. If you enjoy the square shape in fancy colors, take a look at the brilliant and rich fancy yellow princess cut diamond engagement rings from Mark Broumand.

1.56ct Fancy Vivid Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.56 Fancy Yellow Halo Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

The dazzling rose gold and fancy yellow diamond combination on this cushion cut diamond engagement ring is perfectly harmonious. The modern 18k rose gold micropavé setting features a 1.01ct cushion cut center diamond EGL certified at Fancy Vivid Yellow-VS2. The color is a rich yellow and it is eye clean. The one carat canary diamond features a halo of round brilliant diamonds and a row of diamonds cascading down the shank, just past half way. The rose gold of this setting enriches the rich yellow of the center diamond and contrasts the bright, white round diamonds perfectly.

1.69ct Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.69ct Halo Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

This fancy yellow diamond ring showcases a 1.04ct radiant cut diamond , EGL certified as Fancy Intense Yellow-VS1. The stone is eye clean and the color is warm and rich. The incredibly brilliant fancy yellow is accentuated by a halo of micropavé round brilliant cut diamonds. The entire ring is crafted in warm 18k rose gold and a row of diamonds line the shank. The gold provides a complimentary canvas for the yellow and white diamonds.

Mark Broumand is thrilled to share his fine collection of beautiful and rare fancy yellow halo diamond engagement rings. We can also customize your halo diamond ring to your specific preferences, perhaps by designing a more squared-off halo with rounded edges, like a cushion-shaped halo.