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Fancy Colored Diamonds Popularity and Value on the Rise

Fancy Color Diamonds | Mark Broumand

Fancy colored diamonds are a specialty at Mark Broumand, so we are very excited to announce that the colored diamonds are one of the hottest items at the auction block right now!

Fancy colored diamonds that such as blue, pink or green, do not fall in the D through Z color range, as well as diamonds of other colors, are categorized by GIA, one of the leading gemological laboratories.

Throughout history, only royalty, aristocrats and celebrities have possessed these incredible fancy colored diamond engagement rings, which is not the case today. Some jewelers say that they do find fancy colored diamonds hard to source due to their rarity. Mark Broumand has access to some of the worlds leading diamond cutters and jewelers. After decades of our family in the business and our connections allows us to provide a wide array of shapes and sizes of all colors of the rainbow!

Not only will the colors astound you, but with the steady increase in price of the diamonds, they have proven themselves to investors over the past few decades that they are recession-proof. They have even been considered one of the best investments by both investors and experts; all diamonds, including fancy colored diamonds of the few assets that have increased in value during our recent economic decline. Due to their rarity and huge demand, economists predict their value will continue to rise for years to come.

“Why now?” You may find yourself asking, “Where did these rare stones come from, and why are they so popular?”

That is just the reason, they are rare, and a discovery of a new mine does not happen very often, this is where the beauty lies, that their production is finite. With a fancy colored diamond you will not only know that you have made a wise investment in jewelry, but the beauty on your finger will stand out from the rest!