3.65ct Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Earrings

Earrings For All Occasions

Ear piercing is one of the oldest known forms of body modification. In it's early days ear piercing was a way to express occupation, artistic style, and place in the community.

In modern times, earrings are much more a fashion statement than occupational revelation. While many of us have our daily favorites to wear, it is fun to trade our earring styles in for a little more flair during a special event. For instance conservative hoops or studs are often chosen for the office yet, when the sun goes down we break out the larger hoops or chandelier styles to be bold!

If you know you have earrings that beg to be displayed be sure to tone down other jewelry accessories like decorative diamond pendants. That way the attention will go to your earrings without distraction.

Every woman we know swoons at the sight of glimmering earrings! The next time you decide to change a style or give a gift, Mark Broumand will help you choose the right earring set for yourself or your loved one!


Mark Broumand's Diamond Earrings Collection

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3.65ct Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Earrings