7.03ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring

Ideas For Commemorating Love

Anniversaries are a way to review and renew your wedding vows. They are a time couples choose to celebrate years of life and love with each other...and maybe their children. Some couples choose to renew their wedding vows each year while others make the anniversary a time to celebrate the history of their vows at certain milestones such as five, ten, and twenty years.

7.03ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring | Mark Broumand 7.03ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring

It is common to give gifts during an anniversary celebration. Many couples start out with limited resources on their wedding day which makes the anniversary a time to choose the engagement ring they really want. Giving additional jewelry to add to a wedding set can be a way to celebrate your growth as a couple. Engagement rings may be the only ring you could afford at the time. Or, perhaps as a man his taste in jewelry has become refined since marriage. Use the anniversary occasion to gift each other with just the right piece of jewelry you really desire.

If you are looking to add to your wedding collection, try some of the following jewelry ideas for your next anniversary:

  • Trade in your men's wedding band for one with eternity diamonds to commemorate your lasting love
  • Add a wedding or anniversary eternity band as a compliment to your engagement ring
  • Put your original ring on a necklace if you replace it
  • Gift a new engagement ringwhen you renew your wedding vows or recite an anniversary vow
  • Use your original ring as an heirloom for your children