Old Mine Diamond Engagement Ring

Modern Day Antique Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Many people are in love with antique jewelry; it connects us to a past romantic era. For those that love all things vintage, it makes perfect sense to opt for antique cut diamond engagement rings when planning for the future. These amazing jewelry pieces can rekindle the romance of the past and promise the future in these beautiful vintage diamond rings.


3.61ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


3.61ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Below is a brief timeline summary of the evolution of significant changes to antique diamonds:


Antique Single Cut Diamond
Originating in the 1300s and was valued as a stone for its luster and hardness, not for the fire and brilliance diamonds are prized for now. These diamonds often appeared black to the eye and were represented as such in many paintings of the era.



Antique Rose Cut Diamond | Mark Broumand
The Rose shape was truly unique, with a flat bottom and crown that was dome-shaped. This stone, with between 3 and 24 triangular facets resembles the shape of a rose bud. This cut was common during the early 18th century and remained popular up until the early 1900s.



Antique Old Mine Cut Diamond | Mark Broumand
The Old Mine, forerunner of the “Antique Cushion”, has a gently rounded square shape. This stone has 58 “chunky” looking facets and was a prevalent diamond cut during the Georgian and Victorian eras.



Antique Old European Diamond
The predecessor to the modern Round Brilliant, the Old Europeanreturned to a circular girdle on a 58-facet stone. The light dispersion in this diamond cut was more even when radiating off the culet. This gave the Old European quite a sparkle. This cut was prevalent from the 1800s until the Art Deco Period.


One defining characteristic of the old European is the "chunky", larger facets that create a world of white and dark light contrast within the diamond. This light behavior very much resembles a "checkerboard" pattern. The larger facets also visually display slower light scintillation than the fiery and brilliant rounds. Though the old European and modern round brilliant diamond are similar in some ways, the overall facets and light behavior are different in the two.

1.70ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


1.70ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


The antique cut diamond engagement ring is a testament to the incredible artistry and craftsmanship of jewelers throughout history when jewelry work was measured by eye and created by hand. The old European round diamond was such a beautiful creation that this vintage diamond cut is in demand again today - over 200 years after its creation. Let Mark Broumand and his staff help you select the perfect antique cut engagement ring to bring a part of the past into your future.